Change isn’t always about being loud.

As Lyme Disease Awareness month gets under way, I see thousands of posts a day trying to spread awareness. This has been hugely helpful because I can see what works and what does not. Hint: its not the loudest ones making an impact.

Everyone has their style but is being loud and in your face about information something that draws people? Usually no. To draw people to you, you have to build a human connection, give them something to relate to. While all Lyme Disease awareness is great, if we are tactful we can make a bigger impact.

What drew you into a community you are part of? Think about how you would want new, scary information presented to you. Most awareness for medical conditions is only achieved by ones close to those sick learning more and advocating. Screaming that this disease is deadly and omnipresent, while true, is scary and sends people running.

I think about who cares most about me and didn’t know me first. Our first conversations were about who I am, my hobbies (even if they are on hold), my passions, not about Lyme. I slowly let them in about the seriousness of the disease. With the time they took to get to know me, not just my illness, built a stronger connection and therefore more empathy. Empathy is far stronger than fear.

So to all the amazing advocates out there, I urge you to strengthen your message. Try to look from the outside in. We have created an amazing Lyme community. Now it is time to reach out to those who care about our condition and not to scare them but to bring them to our team to end the epidemic.

Change isn’t always about being loud.

Life update – Things are coming.

Sorry for the lack of consistent good blogging. Its been a crazy few weeks for me and its just getting started.

I was going strong today till a herx snuck up on me and knocked me out. I took a few hours off to watch Ink Masters and detox. This was probably best because I leave for Pennsylvania tomorrow for a 36hr trip that I haven’t packed for. I will be doing my initial consult with a new Lyme doctor that I have high expectations for. For anyone following my medical saga, I will be continuing long term antibiotics with Dr. J but adding a new protocol on to that and my small assortment of herbals. I will update more details when I learn them Friday.

I have made some pretty big improvements recently. I’ve been able to stay out for most of the day sometimes with the photo shoot and then rested without huge repercussions. My herxes now seem to come on in intense short spans rather than the long miserable ones. I think this is better? I’m happy to report only one illogical emotional breakdown from symptoms this month so far. With Bartonella treatment coming up, I’m not sure that will hold though.

I am extremely hopefully that with new treatment, soon I will be able to drive myself again and re-claim some independence. For anyone dealing with Lyme, I don’t have to explain how huge this will be.

Till then, thank you so much to everyone who buys Beautycounter from me and buys LW products. Beautycounter sales allow me to get treatment and LW purchases allow me to create and fund larger and larger campaigns to further change. I feel like both are on the verge of some great things. ❤

Life update – Things are coming.

Who knew isolation could actually make you physically ill.

Since Sunday I’ve been feeling particularly sick. I was shaking and weak to the point it was hard to walk around. I detoxed and detoxed but it had no effect or even made it worse.

After a lot of screaming at doctors who wouldn’t call me back (another long story), I finally got my primary who is thinking my vagus nerve is inflamed. Since I have no idea what a vagus nerve is I did some googling and asking. This nerve runs from your brain to your stomach and vice versa. This ended my confusion why all things I did to better my stomach helped my neurological symptoms.

The information on the vagus nerve is kind of limited but basically an distraught stomach or lack of use can cause issues. I can either blame this on a month late kickback from my stomach infection, the moon, or the more likely…. talking, singing, etc stimulates this nerve and makes it work and I don’t do those things.

Most days I’m by myself. I communicate 90% through emails/text/messengers and now that I think about it, talk infrequently compared to the all day, every day I used to before getting sick. Since doing diaphragm exercises, singing to music, and honestly talking to myself, I have already felt better (no miracle cure but better).

Learning this small bit of what I’m sure is a far more complicated issues, it makes me frustrated that I’ve lost connections to people in person so much so that my body has started to malfunction. When they say personal support is important to healing, that now seems like far more serious advice that I previously thought. So to anyone having issues or people with friends struggling, give them a call or go chat with them. It could have more health benefits than you thought.

Who knew isolation could actually make you physically ill.

Advocacy does not mean I’m healthy

A frequent misconception I hear from people is that they assume because I advocate so strongly, I’m healthy and doing well.

While I admit I have made big progress in my Lyme treatment and I am so thankful to be improving, I am still home bound most of the time. I rely on family to do my grocery shopping or getting me to my doctors since my symptoms still prevent me from driving. I financially rely on my family and my Beautycounter business to pay my bills because Lyme Warrior profits all go to research and awareness. Because I lost my ability to take care of myself, have a job, lost my friends, all these normal Lyme issues are what make me fight back so hard to change Lyme.

When I am healthier, I intend to continue the fight and do even more but until then I am in the same boat as many other Lyme patients. So to the people criticizing my efforts, remember I’m just a patient like everyone else trying to get their health back and do the best I can until then. Its easier to complain, than to fight back at your lowest. Join us and take the hard road.

Advocacy does not mean I’m healthy

Is going toxin free expensive?

I’ve been asked this question frequently since living with Lyme and making big changes in my daily life to use products/foods with less toxins. The easy answer is yes, most things that are higher quality and good for you cost more. The follow up is that there are ways to make it affordable.

Many people ask me this in reference to Beautycounter and using toxin free products so I wanted to list some ways I made it more affordable.

  1. I chose to sell Beautycounter. First I get a discount on all products all the time. Second, sharing the products with others brings an income. It was literally the perfect opportunity for not being able to work and wanting to be able to afford better products. I will post a follow up blog on why I chose Beautycounter.
  2. Host a party for a company you want their products. When you host a party you are sharing health information with others while getting discounted or free products for your efforts. Additionally you are financially helping the representative of the product. If you sell nothing, there is no repercussions.
  3. Make your own. There are literally hundreds of DIY projects you can do. Especially if you buy the pieces in bulk, this can save you a ton of money. Even coconut oil can be used for tons of options including teeth whitening, lotion, etc. Our local garden & organic store sells a gallon of top quality coconut oil for $78. Imagine how long it would take you to use that!
  4. Pick quality over quantity. Before I learned about all the issues with skin care, I would frequently buy the cheaper products because I didn’t want to spend money. I would end up with products I didn’t like, that dried up fast, or ran out quickly. I started using Beautycounter 5 months ago and I’m still using my original purchases. I have not had to re-buy anything yet. A little of a good product goes a long way!

These are just a quick few ways I’ve found to not break the bank but to have great products. If you have any questions on how to do any of these feel free to contact me! What are some other ways you have found to save money going toxin free?

Is going toxin free expensive?

Out with the toxins.

I never knew how many toxins I was using until I looked.

I found some products I used to use frequently and thought I would check them against Beautycounters’s Never List. Bad news, they ALL failed. Fragrance and Mineral Oil were the top violators. All the toxic products are in the sink while all my safe Beautycounter products are on the side (some of them).


Before I joined Beautycounter, I thought I did a pretty good job of taking care of my health but leave it to Lyme to open my eyes. I ate tons of processed food, rarely slept enough, over exercised, and I was lathering my skin & hair with unsafe products… Lyme has very few positives, but making me take better care of my health is one of them.

With throwing out all these products it feels like one step closer to getting my health back. One step at a time. Are you ready to step forward with me? Check out the Never List below and see how your products do!

Never List



Out with the toxins.

When did sunscreen get dangerous?

“Of the 1,400+ sunscreens tested by the EWG, only 5% met their safety standards and over 40% were listed as potentially contributing to skin cancer”. WHAT??? Wellness Mama

Recently everyone has been talking about sunscreen with the beautiful weather. Did you know sunscreen either has a mineral or chemical filter? Both of which have concerns of being hormone disrupting, penetrating to live tissue, etc.

“The most problematic of the sunscreen chemicals used in the U.S. is oxybenzone, found in nearly every chemical sunscreen. EWG recommends that consumers avoid this chemical because it can penetrate the skin, cause allergic skin reactions and may disrupt hormones.” EWG

Further they have found that almost half the ingredients are “inactive ingredients” or fillers, many of which have been tagged as allergens or having other issues.

In summary, I have put in my order for Beautycounter’s sunscreen which is EWG approved and free of all these toxins.

Get yours and help support my Lyme treatment at

When did sunscreen get dangerous?