Delayed Food Allergies – Another Misdiagnosis

At the very beginning of my downhill health slide, I was diagnosed with delayed allergic reactions to foods. Black Pepper, Oregano, Oats, and Rye. What a bummer right? For the past few years, I’ve just avoided these foods assuming the medical field had gotten one thing right. Of course, not so much.

I got a new round of herbs over the holiday. Christmas morning I sat with my family and had a wtf moment as a wave of dizziness washed over me. This is what my delayed allergies feel like. Its like the feeling you get going over a rollercoaster but in your head. You want to pass out and throw up simultaneously. Its brief but truly awful and you feel weird for a while after. So, I call and ask who spiced my herbs? Of course no one did. They don’t need seasoning.

Lyme had invaded my pituitary gland in my brain. The new herb that I had been using had effected this gland and gone off in flashing lights where the Lyme was still living. I had never had allergies. Foods like Black Pepper, Oregano, and Oats stimulate the pituitary causing this neurological reaction they had misdiagnosed as an allergy.

I, for one, am ecstatic. This means that after treating this section of the brain responsible for many of my cortisol and adrenal issues (the pituitary controls most of your hormones) I would be able to have all these delicious foods again seasoned with pepper and oregano! Not to mention, I am sure I will feel a hell of a lot better. I am already planning my 2 month binge into Italian food.

What concerns me is when diagnosed my doctor told me he diagnoses people with delayed allergies almost every day. That means for the 3 years its been since I’ve seen him, he has diagnosed about 1,000 people incorrectly. Its realizations like this that make me panic for all the people who have to go down this road because of doctors being blind to Lyme. I absolutely will be making a call to this doctor and hope that my knowledge is well received. On the positive side, food will be delicious again one day.

Delayed Food Allergies – Another Misdiagnosis

Health update: Bacteria strikes again

I’ve been struggling to write about how this week has gone without it sounding like a pity party, but I think I just need to be honest and admit it kind of is.

The goal was to return to my city, socialize with friends for my birthday and see how I held up trying to return to a somewhat normal life, then go to Pennsylvania for a cousins wedding. At this point 90% of those plans were cancelled, not a birthday thing was done. I was not feeling great coming off an antibiotic round so I waited to see my friends. My birthday night I started into what was the beginning of a brutal herx paired with severe stomach pain. After a few days the herx ebbed but the stomach pain was more intense. Finally Friday morning, I woke up in screaming pain and almost threw up just trying to get water down. It was time for a hospital. After a very long wait and more than a few tears, the ER doc diagnosed me with a  intestinal bacterial infection and sent me on my way with a script for more antibiotics. He was enough to check with my Lyme Doctor that this was the right move for me.
Its been 5 days of treating the stomach infection and the pain is down to mild discomfort but the gastro issues wont leave and the heavy antibiotics are making me dizzy. On the plus side I’m sleeping about 14 hours a day so I can avoid some of the symptoms.
Now that I’ve missed most of my plans I have to decide tomorrow if I will miss them all and cancel my plans to go to PA. I very much want to go see my family, but it really is miserable to feel awful and try to fake it.

As most people who are chronically ill know, its a constant game of guessing how bad you will feel. Do you push through or forgo the chance. I think I will sleep on it and try to think optimistically. I am a warrior, but even warriors need recovery.

Health update: Bacteria strikes again