Ozone therapy, Chiropractor, & extended family..

My first ozone therapy, chiropractor appointment, and life on the go.

Monday we left VA for PA for DIV ozone treatment. I chose to come to PA because my family lives in the area and we can stay with them while doing the short commute to the clinic. The first day I was in PA was filled with lots of herxing from my herbals and I was too toxic to get my first round of ozone. I had my doctor appointment anyway and we agreed to start the next day. He also removed more foods to see if they were causing issues. Now with my diet being even more limited, I’m not happy.

The next day I got my first 20ccs of 03 ozone. It was essentially like getting blood work done but it took 10 minutes instead of 2. She got my vein, pushed the 03 in and told me to wait to leave till I felt normal. I felt tightness in my chest and when I spoke or breathed deeply (your not supposed to do this), I would cough. I sat for a bit and left with no real issues. The next day I did the Ozone Sauna. There are many extra fancy things that I didn’t do in the sauna, for my first day I just tried the basics. You are wrapped in the plastic box up to your neck and the inside of the sauna with ozone that varies from normal temp to 113 degrees for a half hour. It was weird to feel semi normal but then to feel beads of sweat rolling down your shoulders and legs. I did get dizzy at one point because I am very heat intolerant but it passed quickly.

Through both of these there was herxing, exhaustion, heavy legs, disorientation, shakes,… the usual. By Friday, I was having a hard time orienting. My horizon was never stable or acting right. I got to my chiropractic appointment and was extremely grumpy. Disorientation & neuro symptoms are by far my most hated Lyme symptom.

I was tempted to walk out of my chiro appt because he was a half hour behind but I’m glad I didn’t. There was one spot on my neck that had always caused me tension for years, even before I even had Lyme but I ignored it. With 3 big cracks, he told me the base of my skull and my collar bone were not in line. Because of this my head was sitting almost an inch too far forward. After the 3 cracks, it was like standing up straight for the first time in my life. I had no idea. He said to follow up next time I was back in the state but that I should be good to go. This is my kind of doctor.

This finished my medical fun for the week and then family came to visit. While I’m here, I’m with my mom, uncle, and two aunts. The last two are very strong polar personalities so I’ll be honest, this isnt a stress free zone. Fortunately, they all have lives and its just me and my uncle hanging out in the house for the remainder of the weekend.  We like to stick to the safe subjects: the house cats, deer migrations in the backyard, and what classic guns hes bought online recently. With my exhaustion, these are the levels of conversation I can handle.

I wish I could say Ozone was totally worth the trip, but I have no idea. Monday I will get another Ozone DIV before I head back to VA. At this point it all seems like the usual up and downs of Lyme. I hope to continue another round in a few weeks but I need to start examining if I can financially afford it. At home ozone treatments might have to be the back up option.

With all thats going on this week, I had hoped to put Lyme Warrior on autopilot, but things never work that way. A few major project issues have surfaced and I am looking forward to down-time next week to sort through the problems I cannot currently solve. Fingers crossed for smooth sailing back to VA and no more unexpected problems till I have the energy to face them 🙂 Stay strong my friends.

Ozone therapy, Chiropractor, & extended family..

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