My Lyme & Autoimmune response

As many of you know, I have been treating with Jemsek Specialty clinic for over a year now. I have made a lot of improvement but as they tell me I will be entering my last round of intense antibiotics and I am still not my normal functional self, I have found myself moving to the belief that antibiotics are not the full solution to Lyme Disease.

I want to make it very clear that I am still an advocate of long term pulsed antibiotics. They have taken my life from couch-bound daily to being able to be functional around the house and having more and more good days going out. That being said, I think there is a large component of Lyme that is the autoimmune systems reaction to Lyme that we don’t understand. Like some people are allergic to foods, it is not that the food is bad but that our systems over react to it. I think the antibiotics have done a great job of killing the invaders but that much of my issues come now from my body being unable to settle back into its normal ways.

I will be finishing my last rounds with Jemsek, I have added in herbals, and I will begin DIV Ozone in October. My intent is to continue to use herbals to kill any invaders that antibiotics did not get while using Ozone and other alternative methods to calm my autoimmune issues. My new doctor is optimistic that I will be able to calm my neurological flares that keep me from driving relatively soon.

While all this treatment has been more expensive than I can afford, I am optimistic that it will all be worth it soon and I can return to a functioning lifestyle where I can do more to bring Lyme awareness and return to my career that has been left for dead over the last two years. I have to admit I am thoroughly exhausted from running from place to place trying to cure this disease and frequently struggling with finances, I feel closer to the end than ever before.

My Lyme & Autoimmune response

6 thoughts on “My Lyme & Autoimmune response

  1. I’ve been on a host of anti-biotics, herbs, and supplements for over a year. It’s possible you’ll need more time on anti-biotics. Many Lyme specialists believe it takes at least 3 months of being symptom free before going off of them. If the clinic insists that this is the last round, maybe a different clinic?


    1. My clinic says this is the last round of intense antibiotics before moving to maintenance and then judge from there. Its my choice that I don’t want to continue with long term antibiotics any longer. 14 months is more than I ever wanted to do unfortunately.


  2. I agree that there is still a lot that we don’t know about autoimmunity. It’s interesting to me that so many people with Lyme have autoimmune diseases and allergies. Antibiotics are what we have right now, but if there was more understanding and research there may be more treatments to come. I’m glad you are feeling better. I feel like antibiotics have given me my life back and now I have to do the rest. It’s up to me to keep my stress down and maintain a healthy lifestyles as much as possible with still being human and making mistakes.


    1. I agree. I know we are so far from figuring out the autoimmune systems but I feel like lives are going to be infinity better as soon as we do. Till then I guess we just have to take care of ourselves 😀 I’m so glad antibiotics helped you get your life back!


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