To be a Warrior at your Weakest

Recently Lyme Warrior has launched a campaign called #LymeUncensored. As a person with chronic illness, I am uncomfortable showing my illness. While I am constantly frustrated that people don’t take me seriously because I don’t look sick, I also have a very hard time showing it when I am. I was raised with the mentality of pushing through the hard parts and being strong meant not showing anything that could be perceived as weak. Low moments are allowed but hide it and pull yourself back together.

With Lyme this mentality really hurts us. When we look fine we don’t get sympathy, compassion, understanding. All the things we want but all the things that are hard to see we need. #LymeUncensored aims to show the world our low points so that those unaffected by Lyme will see the hardship is real and how strong we are to live through it.

Anna created and lead this campaign with her photo showing her daily struggle through cleaning her hair in the sink with a port in between exhaustion and the emotional breakdowns Lymies know too well. It takes incredible strength to show this vulnerability. Vulnerability is one of my favorite words. My favorite author Brene Brown taught me not to fear vulnerability but to use to to embrace who you are and how you become better. I encourage every single person to dig deep inside them and find how their vulnerability can help change the world for others and themselves.I encourage anyone who has not read her work to pick it up immediately. Its not about showing sad photos, its about showing your strength in moments where others would quit. Warriors not only keep fighting, we fight back to change the world. brene.png

To be a Warrior at your Weakest

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