#LymeLivesMatter is not okay.

To the people who have told me the Lyme Warrior #LymeLivesMatter campaign is “not okay” here is my open response. I encourage respectful discussion.

First, when you run a company, its a given not everyone will like what you do. I’m okay with that. Lyme Warrior was not meant to be a company that pleases everyone. There are many companies that are about love and connecting through Lyme (Be Kind for Lyme is one of my favorites), Lyme Warrior is not. Lyme Warrior is about fighting back against how hard Lyme is.Putting things out there to make others uncomfortable and create change. Despite being life-changingly ill, broke, abandoned, and still fighting back to make Lyme Life easier for those after us.

Then I want to specifically address the Black Lives Matter complaints. The complaints given to me are:

  • Black Lives Matter issues are different from Lyme issues. Yes, that’s why there’s different campaigns.
  • White privilege still exists for Lyme patients. This one gets me. The inference being that when two people are put in the same situation, African American people have it worse. That’s like saying people who have HIV/AIDS have it better than people who have Lyme. Comparing and deciding who’s situation is worse is how we create enemies and conflict. Rather than deciding who’s situation is worse, why don’t we just agree none of it should be happening? Suffering for any reason should not be qualified but fought back against.
  • It constructs Lyme movement as white. Lyme effects all races, there is no reason why this is a white movement.
  • It places movements in competition. Every movement is in competition, vying for news time, funding, awareness, etc. Again, to put us all in competition rather than supporting each other is toxic. There is room for everyone to fight for their movement. My plight is no less important than others and theirs no less than mine.

Essentially my point is there’s many awful things going on in the world today. When people accuse me of being insensitive it implies my problems are not as important as the original campaign.#LymeLivesMatter is targeted at asking our government and doctors to acknowledge our suffering and do something about it, an issue that is obviously important (I won’t get into that rant today). Anna created this campaign to allow Lymies to step up and be vulnerable, showing the world our suffering. For her to put her face out there as the first takes huge bravery and character. To the people who think my campaign is insulting, I urge you to look at Anna’s amazing strength and how it is empowering others to speak out rather than find things to criticize. Lets fight together instead of qualifying injustice. That being said,

#LymeLivesMatter is not okay.

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