My life: The juggling routine

It feels like such a crazy week for not having done much… yet.

I am safely in Richmond despite the Lyme bugs trying to take me down. I’m stalking the mail man for Liz’s new herbals that will put the bugs back in their place from their uprising while enjoying my last few days off antibiotics. I have a “top secret” Lyme Warrior project I need to attend in the next 2 weeks so I’m just keeping my fingers crossed for a good health day(s) and the man being able to drive me to them. Some new products are coming for Lyme Warrior and I’m hoping the suppliers can get them to me before I’m on to my next location.

Speaking of locations, I will be in Richmond for the next two weeks but then its back home and then a fast trip to Pennsylvania. I will be starting with a new doctor (more on that later). Then after that I will be headed to Alabama to see my Aunt. Lots of road time for me. September is going to be full of miles.

Between those things I’m still working on raising awareness about safe skin care & cosmetics. This is really a priority for me because it is an important aspect of my health and between the hospital bill a few months ago and multiple private doctors this money tree is tapped. I’m pretty much just pushing forward and hoping it rains money. That happens right?

Being back in the city I used to live in, I’m also trying to see my friends. I have baked cookies so in theory they shall come. Fingers crossed I don’t run into another health disaster that keeps me from them like last time. All that being said, I’m so excited for all the new things happening and totally exhausted at the same time.  If others can juggle treatment, detox, friends, businesses, and awareness than so can I! Right after this nap!

My life: The juggling routine

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