Update – I fixed my broken adrenals

I feel like I have not been doing my duty of updating my blog. Its for a good reason, I’m doing better and have less to rant about. Two weeks ago I was cussing out anything in my path and was feeling couchbound-terrible. I took some advice, changed some supplements around and I have been on my feet doing almost normal things for the past week.

I usually went to town with my parents once a week, this week I have been 4 times. I’ve walked through huge stores, I’ve been in the heat, I’ve done 5 squats a day, I’ve left my house for more than 3 hours at a time without feeling like I’m going to pass out and its been amazing.

When my doctors wouldn’t call me back, I reached out to New Leaf and Liz suggested some supplements to me to balance my adrenals and to treat EBV. Within a few days of starting Raw Adrenal and colloidal minerals I felt like someone had breathed life back into me. I’ve been treating with antibiotics for over a year now and finally supporting my adrenals opened the window to seeing how much progress I’ve made in that time. I’ve also started some other herbals to treat EBV and support my nervous system which seems to be helping as well.

While I still have symptoms, I still don’t trust myself to drive, and I know this isnt the end, I’m so ecstatic to feel semi functional again. I’m also going to be making a few more medical changes that come with their sets of issues so theres a lot ahead of me over the next few months. With so much ahead for Lyme Warrior and personally, I have my fingers crossed this lasts.

Update – I fixed my broken adrenals

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