Advocacy does not mean I’m healthy

A frequent misconception I hear from people is that they assume because I advocate so strongly, I’m healthy and doing well.

While I admit I have made big progress in my Lyme treatment and I am so thankful to be improving, I am still home bound most of the time. I rely on family to do my grocery shopping or getting me to my doctors since my symptoms still prevent me from driving. I financially rely on my family and my Beautycounter business to pay my bills because Lyme Warrior profits all go to research and awareness. Because I lost my ability to take care of myself, have a job, lost my friends, all these normal Lyme issues are what make me fight back so hard to change Lyme.

When I am healthier, I intend to continue the fight and do even more but until then I am in the same boat as many other Lyme patients. So to the people criticizing my efforts, remember I’m just a patient like everyone else trying to get their health back and do the best I can until then. Its easier to complain, than to fight back at your lowest. Join us and take the hard road.

Advocacy does not mean I’m healthy

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