Who knew isolation could actually make you physically ill.

Since Sunday I’ve been feeling particularly sick. I was shaking and weak to the point it was hard to walk around. I detoxed and detoxed but it had no effect or even made it worse.

After a lot of screaming at doctors who wouldn’t call me back (another long story), I finally got my primary who is thinking my vagus nerve is inflamed. Since I have no idea what a vagus nerve is I did some googling and asking. This nerve runs from your brain to your stomach and vice versa. This ended my confusion why all things I did to better my stomach helped my neurological symptoms.

The information on the vagus nerve is kind of limited but basically an distraught stomach or lack of use can cause issues. I can either blame this on a month late kickback from my stomach infection, the moon, or the more likely…. talking, singing, etc stimulates this nerve and makes it work and I don’t do those things.

Most days I’m by myself. I communicate 90% through emails/text/messengers and now that I think about it, talk infrequently compared to the all day, every day I used to before getting sick. Since doing diaphragm exercises, singing to music, and honestly talking to myself, I have already felt better (no miracle cure but better).

Learning this small bit of what I’m sure is a far more complicated issues, it makes me frustrated that I’ve lost connections to people in person so much so that my body has started to malfunction. When they say personal support is important to healing, that now seems like far more serious advice that I previously thought. So to anyone having issues or people with friends struggling, give them a call or go chat with them. It could have more health benefits than you thought.

Who knew isolation could actually make you physically ill.

Advocacy does not mean I’m healthy

A frequent misconception I hear from people is that they assume because I advocate so strongly, I’m healthy and doing well.

While I admit I have made big progress in my Lyme treatment and I am so thankful to be improving, I am still home bound most of the time. I rely on family to do my grocery shopping or getting me to my doctors since my symptoms still prevent me from driving. I financially rely on my family and my Beautycounter business to pay my bills because Lyme Warrior profits all go to research and awareness. Because I lost my ability to take care of myself, have a job, lost my friends, all these normal Lyme issues are what make me fight back so hard to change Lyme.

When I am healthier, I intend to continue the fight and do even more but until then I am in the same boat as many other Lyme patients. So to the people criticizing my efforts, remember I’m just a patient like everyone else trying to get their health back and do the best I can until then. Its easier to complain, than to fight back at your lowest. Join us and take the hard road.

Advocacy does not mean I’m healthy

Why I created Lyme Warrior

While I am stuck at home unable to work and contribute, it was driving me crazy that I had nothing to do. I created Lyme Warrior so that at whatever varying level of health people are, they can contribute to fighting back against the hardship of Lyme Disease. It is very hard for one person to change everything, but it is very easy for many people to change things. With all of us working together in a unified effort we can make huge changes.

Lyme Warrior has projects ranging from emailing people about events, writing up information about Lyme, creating art, projects and more. Almost all of which can be done from the comfort of your bed. When I started Lyme Warrior, it was just me working 10-14 hour days from my couch trying to get this started. Now we are 5 volunteers working what seems like constantly to get Lyme Warrior bringing in money for research to benefit us all.

If you want to help, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me or one of our members to see what you can do. We have so much to do and just not enough hours in the day. Every single person who contributes helps share the job and expand our reach to achieve more.

Lyme Warrior Advocates Fb Group

Lyme Warrior is not going to be a passing company, we are going to make big changes for our disease.

Why I created Lyme Warrior