Lyme Warrior – The first day of something big

For the past 4 months, I have quietly been starting my own company. I’ll be honest even going through the motions it never seemed like it was real. So today, with many amazing people helping me, my company’s website went live, social media is buzzing, and orders are rolling in.

Quite frankly with rarely leaving my house because of Lyme and this launch falling in the middle of a week long herx, I had my doubts. I have been so blessed to be helped by so many amazing people to make this happen, I am ecstatic to see this day come.

I created Lyme Warrior because I’m tired of the unfairness Lyme brings. When someone is diagnosed with cancer, everyone rallies around them and tells them how strong they are. When someone is diagnosed with Lyme, it is met with lack of understand or worse being shunned because of inaccurate information. It is time for Lyme patients to stand up and be proud of the Warriors they really are.

When we are battling the bacteria in our bodies, the last thing we need to battle is the outside world. We fight for insurance coverage, our government to acknowledge our disease, treatment that works, and further compassion from our friends & family. All of these are rarely met and if so not without a uphill battle which leads to exhaustion, isolation, and further mental hardship that is unnecessary.

It is time for that to change. This disease is life changing and it needs to be treated as such. Lyme Warrior is here to celebrate our Warriors, give back, and raise funds for a cure. Anyone is welcome to join us in our fight. Our launch of our website, , is just the start of what we plan to accomplish. Please reach out to me if you want to get involved or follow us on social media at LymeWarriorUS to watch what we can accomplish! Change is starting with us.


Lyme Warrior – The first day of something big

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