When Lymies bite Lymies

One of my FAVORITE things about the Lyme community is unrelenting support and understanding. We fight the system, our insurance, our friends and family for understanding, but we, the lymies, get it. This has always been my favorite given in the community right up until today.

Upon returning from the Mayday event I saw many posts about how the turn out was very low. The posts then said Lymies “have no excuse” to not be there. How about the excuse of being too sick to go, being too broke from Lyme to go, trying to hold our lives together without going to DC, family crisis, or doing any of the million other ways to protest.

I found the comment thoroughly insensitive and more importantly, we don’t fight against our own community. We have enough against us, we cannot afford to turn on each other. We should be focused on celebrating what they accomplished in DC rather than having resentment to us who couldn’t make it. Is it upsetting when people don’t support what you are doing? Absolutely. But it is no excuse to turn on your community that is already fighting so much. With Lyme you learn compassion. Lets not let frustration ruin what we have accomplished.

When Lymies bite Lymies

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