How do you plan when yo don’t know the plan.

Since I became sick with Lyme Disease I’ve been trying to figure out how you plan for your life when you have no idea what you will be capable of. I kept wishing someone would just tell me when this is all going to be over so I could start setting up job interviews for that day and put a deposit on an apartment but of course its not that easy.

Its been almost 2 years exactly since I got sick and it is finally time to start considering the “getting better phase”. Its hard to consider this phase in the middle of a herx and other issues. But with all the things that should make me feel awful, I’m still able to walk around my house and do easy things. Leaps and bounds of improvement from where I used to be. Next week, I plan to try to start driving again. Its been almost a year that I’ve been off the road so this will be a huge step forward for me.

My doctor slipped in a comment a while ago that after this round of medication we might move to “maintenance” antibiotics. While I’m not sure we are to that point yet, its encouraging that this could be coming to an end, but scary that I don’t feel like myself again yet. I’m between doing a ton of research on alternative treatment vs generally planning what I will do if I’m healthy. Its a hard crossroads to be at, not sure if I plan for the worst case scenario or the best. I guess I will just plan for both and try to be an optimist.

Above all this pondering I’m so absolutely thankful to be improving. To start having worries like a “normal” human, do I still have friends I could go out with? What are my job prospects? And further to be able to get on my feet and start doing more for Lyme Disease Awareness.

How do you plan when yo don’t know the plan.

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