Why we should change how we feel about Direct Sales.

It is pretty common that when you mention Direct Sales/MLMs/or other sales companies you frequently have a negative response. I felt the same way.

Direct Sales are often off putting for many reasons. They frequently advertise the hundreds of thousands of dollars you could be making, failing to include that it is over years of diligent work and building a huge customer base.There are some bad Reps. They are pushy, they are not nice, and they dont do their jobs well. These people no matter how short there time in Direct Sales are, give these companies a bad name. And people don’t like to be sold to! Myself included. I do not want someone to tell me what to buy. I will buy what I please!

So why should we change our thinking? Because its about the people you are supporting.

Every time you purchase products you are helping earn an income for the person you bought them through. Reward people who use good business practices just as you would a traditional business. Are they informed about the products they offer? Are they courteous and listen to your needs? If the answers are yes, then you should have no reservations about contributing to that business.

When I began with Beautycounter, I knew I wanted to do it my way. I don’t target people, send mass messages to strangers, or tell people they need to buy something. I will advertise the products and benefits and let those who want them purchase like a regular store.

So next time you see a sales person for a Direct Sales Company, please take a second to reconsider how you feel. Your funding frequently goes to housing, health costs, or other necessaries. Think about the individual and not the stigma.


Why we should change how we feel about Direct Sales.

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