Is going toxin free expensive?

I’ve been asked this question frequently since living with Lyme and making big changes in my daily life to use products/foods with less toxins. The easy answer is yes, most things that are higher quality and good for you cost more. The follow up is that there are ways to make it affordable.

Many people ask me this in reference to Beautycounter and using toxin free products so I wanted to list some ways I made it more affordable.

  1. I chose to sell Beautycounter. First I get a discount on all products all the time. Second, sharing the products with others brings an income. It was literally the perfect opportunity for not being able to work and wanting to be able to afford better products. I will post a follow up blog on why I chose Beautycounter.
  2. Host a party for a company you want their products. When you host a party you are sharing health information with others while getting discounted or free products for your efforts. Additionally you are financially helping the representative of the product. If you sell nothing, there is no repercussions.
  3. Make your own. There are literally hundreds of DIY projects you can do. Especially if you buy the pieces in bulk, this can save you a ton of money. Even coconut oil can be used for tons of options including teeth whitening, lotion, etc. Our local garden & organic store sells a gallon of top quality coconut oil for $78. Imagine how long it would take you to use that!
  4. Pick quality over quantity. Before I learned about all the issues with skin care, I would frequently buy the cheaper products because I didn’t want to spend money. I would end up with products I didn’t like, that dried up fast, or ran out quickly. I started using Beautycounter 5 months ago and I’m still using my original purchases. I have not had to re-buy anything yet. A little of a good product goes a long way!

These are just a quick few ways I’ve found to not break the bank but to have great products. If you have any questions on how to do any of these feel free to contact me! What are some other ways you have found to save money going toxin free?

Is going toxin free expensive?

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