Lyme Warrior – The first day of something big

For the past 4 months, I have quietly been starting my own company. I’ll be honest even going through the motions it never seemed like it was real. So today, with many amazing people helping me, my company’s website went live, social media is buzzing, and orders are rolling in.

Quite frankly with rarely leaving my house because of Lyme and this launch falling in the middle of a week long herx, I had my doubts. I have been so blessed to be helped by so many amazing people to make this happen, I am ecstatic to see this day come.

I created Lyme Warrior because I’m tired of the unfairness Lyme brings. When someone is diagnosed with cancer, everyone rallies around them and tells them how strong they are. When someone is diagnosed with Lyme, it is met with lack of understand or worse being shunned because of inaccurate information. It is time for Lyme patients to stand up and be proud of the Warriors they really are.

When we are battling the bacteria in our bodies, the last thing we need to battle is the outside world. We fight for insurance coverage, our government to acknowledge our disease, treatment that works, and further compassion from our friends & family. All of these are rarely met and if so not without a uphill battle which leads to exhaustion, isolation, and further mental hardship that is unnecessary.

It is time for that to change. This disease is life changing and it needs to be treated as such. Lyme Warrior is here to celebrate our Warriors, give back, and raise funds for a cure. Anyone is welcome to join us in our fight. Our launch of our website, , is just the start of what we plan to accomplish. Please reach out to me if you want to get involved or follow us on social media at LymeWarriorUS to watch what we can accomplish! Change is starting with us.


Lyme Warrior – The first day of something big

When Lymies bite Lymies

One of my FAVORITE things about the Lyme community is unrelenting support and understanding. We fight the system, our insurance, our friends and family for understanding, but we, the lymies, get it. This has always been my favorite given in the community right up until today.

Upon returning from the Mayday event I saw many posts about how the turn out was very low. The posts then said Lymies “have no excuse” to not be there. How about the excuse of being too sick to go, being too broke from Lyme to go, trying to hold our lives together without going to DC, family crisis, or doing any of the million other ways to protest.

I found the comment thoroughly insensitive and more importantly, we don’t fight against our own community. We have enough against us, we cannot afford to turn on each other. We should be focused on celebrating what they accomplished in DC rather than having resentment to us who couldn’t make it. Is it upsetting when people don’t support what you are doing? Absolutely. But it is no excuse to turn on your community that is already fighting so much. With Lyme you learn compassion. Lets not let frustration ruin what we have accomplished.

When Lymies bite Lymies

Why you have to be your own advocate when your doctor wont.

About one year ago before I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease I started going to therapy. The not knowing if I would ever not be sick was crippling so I sought help. A year later I’ve decided to stop therapy due to scheduling and other issues. In our last session today my therapist brought it up that if we had more time he would have liked to investigate if I was helpfully or unhelpfully distrustful of doctors.

I’m very proud of myself for not yelling at him. But I wanted to put it out there what I told him.
For 1 year and two months of the sickest time of my life, every doctor I saw gave me no help. No diagnosis, no definitive treatment, no hope. They either said you can see if this pill works, stress less, or some flat out told me to deal with it. I have the most common bacterial disease in the country and literally 40+ doctors were unconcerned and unable to help me. I would either constantly rotate through their office or if I spoke back about their lack of ability to treat they would fire me as a patient. Upon following up with all these doctors to tell them how they failed, not a single one has asked for more information. So when I say I distrust medical professionals its 100% based on experience in their lack of expertise and lack of ability to do their job.

Do I still see doctors? Of course.Do I follow their protocol? Defiantly. Do I ask questions, do my own research, and question treatment. You bet I do. In a medical world with so many issues, we have to fight for what is best for us.

One truly awful doctor at one of the most prestigious medical schools in the area said to me that I needed to learn to live with “whatever was wrong with me” and that there was nothing anyone could do to help. If I had listened to his advice I would probably have killed myself because I was unable to cope with how sick I was. Instead (after a large breakdown) I still pushed, called, and got into every doctor who would see me and eventually found the one who has helped me get my life back.

Being your own advocate is a Herculean task and chronic illness is not for the faint of heart. However it is never over until you give up.

Why you have to be your own advocate when your doctor wont.

How do you plan when yo don’t know the plan.

Since I became sick with Lyme Disease I’ve been trying to figure out how you plan for your life when you have no idea what you will be capable of. I kept wishing someone would just tell me when this is all going to be over so I could start setting up job interviews for that day and put a deposit on an apartment but of course its not that easy.

Its been almost 2 years exactly since I got sick and it is finally time to start considering the “getting better phase”. Its hard to consider this phase in the middle of a herx and other issues. But with all the things that should make me feel awful, I’m still able to walk around my house and do easy things. Leaps and bounds of improvement from where I used to be. Next week, I plan to try to start driving again. Its been almost a year that I’ve been off the road so this will be a huge step forward for me.

My doctor slipped in a comment a while ago that after this round of medication we might move to “maintenance” antibiotics. While I’m not sure we are to that point yet, its encouraging that this could be coming to an end, but scary that I don’t feel like myself again yet. I’m between doing a ton of research on alternative treatment vs generally planning what I will do if I’m healthy. Its a hard crossroads to be at, not sure if I plan for the worst case scenario or the best. I guess I will just plan for both and try to be an optimist.

Above all this pondering I’m so absolutely thankful to be improving. To start having worries like a “normal” human, do I still have friends I could go out with? What are my job prospects? And further to be able to get on my feet and start doing more for Lyme Disease Awareness.

How do you plan when yo don’t know the plan.

Why we should change how we feel about Direct Sales.

It is pretty common that when you mention Direct Sales/MLMs/or other sales companies you frequently have a negative response. I felt the same way.

Direct Sales are often off putting for many reasons. They frequently advertise the hundreds of thousands of dollars you could be making, failing to include that it is over years of diligent work and building a huge customer base.There are some bad Reps. They are pushy, they are not nice, and they dont do their jobs well. These people no matter how short there time in Direct Sales are, give these companies a bad name. And people don’t like to be sold to! Myself included. I do not want someone to tell me what to buy. I will buy what I please!

So why should we change our thinking? Because its about the people you are supporting.

Every time you purchase products you are helping earn an income for the person you bought them through. Reward people who use good business practices just as you would a traditional business. Are they informed about the products they offer? Are they courteous and listen to your needs? If the answers are yes, then you should have no reservations about contributing to that business.

When I began with Beautycounter, I knew I wanted to do it my way. I don’t target people, send mass messages to strangers, or tell people they need to buy something. I will advertise the products and benefits and let those who want them purchase like a regular store.

So next time you see a sales person for a Direct Sales Company, please take a second to reconsider how you feel. Your funding frequently goes to housing, health costs, or other necessaries. Think about the individual and not the stigma.

Why we should change how we feel about Direct Sales.

Is going toxin free expensive?

I’ve been asked this question frequently since living with Lyme and making big changes in my daily life to use products/foods with less toxins. The easy answer is yes, most things that are higher quality and good for you cost more. The follow up is that there are ways to make it affordable.

Many people ask me this in reference to Beautycounter and using toxin free products so I wanted to list some ways I made it more affordable.

  1. I chose to sell Beautycounter. First I get a discount on all products all the time. Second, sharing the products with others brings an income. It was literally the perfect opportunity for not being able to work and wanting to be able to afford better products. I will post a follow up blog on why I chose Beautycounter.
  2. Host a party for a company you want their products. When you host a party you are sharing health information with others while getting discounted or free products for your efforts. Additionally you are financially helping the representative of the product. If you sell nothing, there is no repercussions.
  3. Make your own. There are literally hundreds of DIY projects you can do. Especially if you buy the pieces in bulk, this can save you a ton of money. Even coconut oil can be used for tons of options including teeth whitening, lotion, etc. Our local garden & organic store sells a gallon of top quality coconut oil for $78. Imagine how long it would take you to use that!
  4. Pick quality over quantity. Before I learned about all the issues with skin care, I would frequently buy the cheaper products because I didn’t want to spend money. I would end up with products I didn’t like, that dried up fast, or ran out quickly. I started using Beautycounter 5 months ago and I’m still using my original purchases. I have not had to re-buy anything yet. A little of a good product goes a long way!

These are just a quick few ways I’ve found to not break the bank but to have great products. If you have any questions on how to do any of these feel free to contact me! What are some other ways you have found to save money going toxin free?

Is going toxin free expensive?