Out with the toxins.

I never knew how many toxins I was using until I looked.

I found some products I used to use frequently and thought I would check them against Beautycounters’s Never List. Bad news, they ALL failed. Fragrance and Mineral Oil were the top violators. All the toxic products are in the sink while all my safe Beautycounter products are on the side (some of them).


Before I joined Beautycounter, I thought I did a pretty good job of taking care of my health but leave it to Lyme to open my eyes. I ate tons of processed food, rarely slept enough, over exercised, and I was lathering my skin & hair with unsafe products… Lyme has very few positives, but making me take better care of my health is one of them.

With throwing out all these products it feels like one step closer to getting my health back. One step at a time. Are you ready to step forward with me? Check out the Never List below and see how your products do!


Never List



Out with the toxins.

5 thoughts on “Out with the toxins.

  1. Shelby's Life with Lyme says:

    I’ve been making my own products recently and am loving it!! It’s AMAZING how many toxins are in the every – day beauty tools everyone uses. If I didn’t have Lyme, I would never have realized!


  2. Shelby's Life with Lyme says:

    Very true. Some days it is easier to recognize the positives, other days everything feels crappy – but I’m truly grateful for all that I’ve learned through this illness!


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