When you have it all figured out, you don’t.

At 9 months in to treatment and I’ve learned a ton about Lyme. I’m pretty good at knowing my symptoms, knowing how to detox and what to ride out.  Congrats Lyme, this curve ball got me.

For the past 5 days I’ve been off antibiotics and had no changes in treatment. Yet I’ve increasingly had stomach issues, severe weakness, and disorientation. Yesterday I couldn’t take it much more and went to a Patient First. Typical they tested me for the flu and drew blood and agreed I appeared perfectly healthy but recommended I go to the ER because they had no idea what was wrong.
Thanks incompetent doc, if I wasn’t stressed before I sure was now. I got to the ER doors while on the phone with the emergency line at my clinic. Fortunately one of the nurses was able to walk me through what was going on and she agreed that the ER would be about as helpful as the clinic. She agreed something was wrong with my stomach causing neurological issues.

While I still sit and wait for a call back on what to do, I keep thinking that it is ridiculous Lyme patients have so few resources. This isnt a specific Lyme issue, its solely that my stomach is messed up and a doctor can’t help me with that. When did doctors get so bad or was it always this bad? How is this a multi million dollar industry when they cant fix a upset stomach? I have no doubt now why holistic medicine is making such a  come back. This is getting ridiculous.

When you have it all figured out, you don’t.

8 thoughts on “When you have it all figured out, you don’t.

  1. Evelyn says:

    Amen! It’s hardly worth even going to a doctor, because they don’t know what to do. They’ll order standard tests, which cone back normal, and then give you a pill and send you home.

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  2. I’ve had some similar stomach issues since stopping antibiotics. I’ve been tested for hpylori which was negative. Most recently, I’ve been put on nystatin an anti fungal and it seems to be helping a bit. I also have anti nausea meds for when it is really bad. I’m so sorry you are dealing with this. And it is SO frustrating!


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