“Don’t let your illness define you.”

I’ve seen a lot of people recently discussing how we shouldnt let our limitations from our illness define us.

Conceptually, I get it. Don’t affiliate yourself with something negative like a disease, illness, or symptoms. However to me this just isnt realistic. Lyme is in every second of every part of my day. I cant drive to the store because I’m too lightheaded, I need to eat a balanced meal because I’ll feel bad otherwise, etc etc for every second of the day.

I don’t want to be defined because of my illness in a pitty party kind of way, I want to be defined by my reality. My disease makes every part of life harder than it was. My ability to do anything is a achievement. So when I say I have Lyme Disease, I mean fuck Lyme and I still am doing my best despite it. My disease is not who I am, my disease is a life changing hurtle that makes me stronger. This I am proud of and wont deny my disease.

“Don’t let your illness define you.”

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