Up & up!

Hi all,

I havent been keeping up with my posting as much as I intended but I have a good reason. Its because I am feeling better! Now don’t get carried away I’m not back but I am feeling significantly better.

I have been able to go run errands with my Mom for 3 days in a row without getting dizzy or needing to sit down. I’ve been able to push past all my symptoms and get a TON of things done. This is probably the strongest I have felt in over a year. With this being the first week of a new protocol and a new antibiotic this was the last thing I was expecting.

I have been able to share Beautycounter with lots of new people and get safe skin care into the hands of great people. My earnings have helped me offset my medical costs. Annnnnd my non-profit is becoming closer to a reality. Its been a ton of work but with every day it is closer and closer to being real. So excited to share these two things I love! Stay tuned for more. 🙂

Up & up!

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