Freedom expressed by Sushi

One of my first big hints that I had Lyme Disease was delayed allergic reactions to food. Black Pepper, Oats and Rye to be exact. Also when you have Lyme Disease you need to follow a gluten free, low sugar diet and some also include diary free.


I became lactose intolerant midway through treatment so all these food restrictions make it very hard to go out to a restaurant. For 2 years almost I have just avoided restaurants in general. Yesterday was the first day I went to a real restaurant and ate. While this is common place for most people this was a huge day for me.

Not only did I feel good enough to go out and socialize but I found a food that I could eat with no negative side effects. To do a normal daily activity felt so freeing and delicious. Never take the little things for granted.


Freedom expressed by Sushi

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