Direct Marketing Stigma & What Works

Two months ago I joined a direct marketing company Beautycounter with some reluctancy. I don’t like pushing sales or feeling like I’m forcing money out of people but I believed in their products and I thought I would put my own spin on sales.

I’ll save sharing my secrets and methods till later but somehow in my second month I’m getting orders. I haven’t felt like I was cornering my friends and relatives and I’ve been getting cold orders and it feels awesome. To get emails that they love the product and for people with health issues who arent having reactions, the work is fully worth it.

Another thing I have found from my brief time in sales is that there are a lot of bad sales people. If you are active in social media you will be contacted many times a day with offers of endless things. The defining difference in a good sales person is personalization. I hate blast messages, last minute offers, and all that. What works is having real people talk to me, about who I am, what I support, how my illness effects me, and so on.

Since joining Instagram I have probably had about 50 people offer It Works products to me. I said no to everyone except for the one that actually got to know me and found a product that could help me, one that I had disregarded earlier. She sent me a sample so I didnt even have to buy it to try. I am still waiting to get the product and try it but hands down this will be the person I buy from and promote. This is what makes a good sales person is understanding your client as an individual, not just a target audience.

Everyone has a way to get their sales, but I firmly believe in selling people things that benefit them and nothing more.

Direct Marketing Stigma & What Works

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