The sweet sound of silence

One of my harder adjustments after becoming ill was realizing I had to be dependent on others for help. Pre-illness, on the run from job to school to gym and again all day, I rarely needed help and if I did it was minimal.

Fast forward 22 months and I need to be driven every where, occasional help with preparing food and any errands or outside things I need I either have to pay to be delivered or ask my parents to get it for me since I now live at home.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my parents a ton, but I am used to my space. This week I finally got a chance to get away and stay at my ex’s house. Now while this doesn’t sound optimal he is at work or the gym most of the day so I am soaking in hours of silence and it is wonderful.

Not all of us have the option but if you do, take a break. Sometimes being sick in a different place is refreshing and gives you a way to reset. I’m filling up my patience meter and getting tons of work done, uninterrupted. Take away message, keeping your needs satisfied is important. Do what makes you happy and thank those who make it possible. πŸ™‚

The sweet sound of silence

2 thoughts on “The sweet sound of silence

  1. Hang in there. I’ve been in much the same position you mentioned in your blog, and now I can do all that stuff I had to ask others to do. I know it’s a drag. But just keep praying, believing you’ll get well, and doing what you need to do to get well step by step. And thanks for your nice comments on my blog. They are much appreciated.


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