Why is it rare to care?

With Facebook posting their friend’s day thing and heading back to my city soon I’ve been returning to the idea of friends. My Facebook friends montage was entirely from years ago. Not even anything in the last two years. This is because I don’t go anywhere or do anything with people from being sick. The great friends they showed me are all my co-workers who forgot I existed 2 weeks after I left my job.

It is a daily struggle for me to not be resentful of the people I called friends. People I thought I had real connections with don’t return my calls, people from my childhood who don’t even know I’m ill, or people I vacationed with I haven’t heard from in two years. The people I talk to now are my few really close friends and people online. I continually think, well, if people don’t care if I’m okay then I guess that’s the end of our friendship. But then they were all gone. Pretty much if I don’t reach out to people I won’t ever hear from them again or it will be months.

I have been accused of being overly passionate about my bonds and connections with others before but I dont want half-assed friendships. Not texting back is rude. Knowing people are sick and ignoring them in insensitive. Why do I feel crazy for thinking this? Why is it such an abnormal thing to reach out to people?

I don’t know why things have become this way but I’m ready for a change. If anyone knows where the ride or die friends are tell them to give me a call.


Why is it rare to care?

10 thoughts on “Why is it rare to care?

  1. I understand how you feel. This disease has taken everything from me. Friends I had and were close with since I was in grade school. then all of my friends I had before I was ill and now nothing. No one cares to text, FB, I know they are there. But not for me. It is so funny. My blog post was about something similar. But not ready to post. My thoughts are so foggy. Great post!

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  2. Overall, relationships in general are difficult when one person is chronically ill. I keep in touch via FB and texting mostly. Keep reaching out. It’s not an excuse, but people are way over scheduled. They just don’t think about contacting us and/or they don’t know what to say or how to say it. We kinda scare them if you know what I mean.


      1. I agree with you. Close friends need to communicate for sure! I wish I had answers and also strategies to deal with this. I’m 3 years into chronic Lyme (and maybe CFS, FMS) and I still haven’t figured it out. My circle has dwindled as well.


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