Whats as good as a doctor? A spoonie.

For the first year and some of my illness I bounced from specialist to specialist and didn’t get anywhere. When I finally knew what I had, I joined a support group. There I found the endless info I had been looking for.

People with chronic illnesses (Spoonies or specifically Lymies for Lyme Disease) are a untapped wealth of medical information. These people have dealt with it all and really know what works. Instead of calling my doctor and waiting for 24 to 48 hours for an answer, I now just go to the message boards to find out what others are doing.

Being on these message boards on Facebook another social media opened me up to a wealth of information that you can’t get anywhere else. They helped me with special diet foods, holistic treatment, support, and made me aware of things that we use daily that can be harmful. If you are ever in need of support, you don’t have to look any farther than your phone or computer, people are out there offering to help.

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Whats as good as a doctor? A spoonie.

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