Popular skin care increases tumors by 69%

A friend shared this link with me today and I thought, “This is exactly what I’m talking about”. this-popular-moisturizer-applied-to-mice-for-17-weeks-got-69-more-tumors-1/

Essentially what you need to know … “Irradiated mice who were treated with the moisturizers exhibited a significant increase in their rate of tumor formation and increase in tumor size per mouse. Treatment of the mice with Dermabase, Dermovan, Eucerin, or Vanicream for 17 weeks increased the total number of histologically characterized tumors by 69 percent”.

With a world where cancer is prevalent and millions of other diseases, we need to really be aware of what we are using. This article outlines a few very common ingredients that are known toxins. Remembering the whole list of toxins to me is over-whelming. This is just another reason why I use Beauty Counter for everything. They have already done all this research and more to keep their products toxin free. The Never List was published by Beauty Counter as their promise of what they will not put in your products.Never List

Also, coconut oil is the basis for most Beauty Counter products. Not only is coconut oil non-
toxin but it has anti-fungal qualities, making it not only non-toxic but genuinely beneficial. Whichever product you use, make sure you are protected.

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Popular skin care increases tumors by 69%

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