Why I sell what I love.

Hi all, this will be my first post here but you can see the previous blog posts at myillnessstartofinish.blogspot.com

A bit of background, I am 27. I’ve been ill with Lyme Disease for a year and a half and I’m all about Awareness and living a healthy life.

So before you roll your eyes, I am hyper aware of everything I put in my mouth. Having an illness is no joke and you will do anything to make it end. After 6 months of absorbing magnesium through Epson salt baths and magnesium oil, somehow I failed to think about what I’m absorbing from my lotion, shampoo, conditioner, and make up.

Once again, at first I kind of rolled my eyes still but then I started to think about it. Did you know that Vitamin A when exposed to sun can make cancerous cells grow? Damn, isn’t vitamin A supposed to be good for you? I would have considered vitamin A in a skin care product positive.

This was just one of the list of things I learned when learning about Beauty Counter. This product line tests all ingredients individually and how they interact together in a product. They are constantly testing their potential products to make sure they are the cleanest and healthiest for us.

Not only did I place my first order, I decided I had to sell this. Second, obviously for the discount sellers get. First, because my mother had a skin cancer scare on her face that had to be surgically removed two years ago and if I can stop that from happening again, I plan to.

I encourage everyone to check out BeautyCounter.com/laurenlovejoy/ and see what their products are all about. I have officially become a loyal customer and am never going back.

Why I sell what I love.

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